A fuzzy logic C++ library
Bug List
Member slifis::DATA_SET::GetSubset (const std::vector< size_t > &v_idx, const INPUT_SETS &inputsets, DATA_SET &subset) const
(or feature...) This function considers only points that are higher than the lowest value of the membership functions or lower than the highest value of the membership functions. So if the MF has part of its range to 0, the points will be considered valid and thus added to the subset.
Class slifis::ERROR_HANDLER
Error handler is not called properly, it does not call the what() function, investigate this.
Member slifis::MEMBFUNC::P_GetIntervalPointsVector (const FPOINT &p1, const FPOINT &p2, size_t &id1, size_t &id2) const
An assert gets triggered here when playing with demo3, investigate...
Member slifis_plot::GAPI_ShowImage (std::string wnd_name, GAPI_IMAGE *im)
Problem here (gapi/cairo-gtk only): if we DO connect the signal, then when trying to show in the same window another image and the previous one is dead, the gtk callback is STILL alive and uses the dead image as argument (and crashes, of course). So we need to find a way to "disconnect" the signal from previous image, and that means keeping track of images in some way. At present, images only show after first mouse callback is called.