A fuzzy logic C++ library
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
slifis::DATA_DESCR::c_uniquePrivate class, used for fun !
slifis_plot::CAIRO_GLOBALSPrivate class for static-related stuff of gapi, cairo version
DATAA structure needed to keep access to all the data in the mouse callback (only used in try-fis.cpp)
slifis::DATA_DESCRData description: what do we want in the datafile ? What column of data ?
slifis::DATA_POINTAbstract data point, can hold several numerical and string attributes
slifis::DATA_SETThis class is intended to hold all the loaded data points for further processing
slifis::DATAFILE_INFOHolds information on a given data file: what columns are numeric, what columns are strings, etc
slifis::ERROR_HANDLERThis class is used to hold information about an error that occurred. It inherits from std::exception
slifis::ESTIM_ERRORA structure holding numerical values on errors when estimating TS coefficients from a subset
slifis_plot::FCOLORPrivate 'float' color-type ([0.0-1.0]), needed for Cairo drawing functions
slifis::FPOINTA point of a membership function = a pair (REALVAL,FUZZYVAL)
slifis::FUZZY_INSet of input membership functions
slifis::FUZZY_OUTA set of output membership functions
slifis::FUZZY_ROOTVirtual class, designed to be inherited into FUZZY_IN and FUZZY_OUT
slifis::FUZZYVALA class for a fuzzy value [0-1]
slifis_plot::GAPI_COLORAbstract color type, common for all graphicals back-ends
slifis_plot::GAPI_gtk_windowA wrapper over a GTK window
slifis_plot::GAPI_POINTAbstract integer 2D-point type (for pixels), common for all graphicals back-ends
slifis::GNUPLOT_FILEA gnuplot script file for plotting histograms, opens it, and adds a common header
slifis_plot::GRIDUsed only a a helper class for PLOT_RB_TEXT, holds pixel mouse position information AND destination image and font
slifis_plot::GRID_CELLA table cell, identified by origin point and size. See GRID
slifis::INF_PARAMSParameters of inference process
slifis::INPUT_RANGEA range of numerical values, used to iterate from minimum to maximum value using a number of steps
slifis::INPUT_SETSHolds all the sets of input membership functions
slifis::MEMBFUNCA membership function, defined as a vector of points
slifis_plot::PLOTPure virtual class, root for all kinds of plots
slifis_plot::PLOT_COLLECTIONMaintains a set of all created plots. Private class, only instanciated as static member in class PLOT
slifis_plot::PLOT_DATAPrivate class, holds all static data needed for plotting
slifis_plot::PLOT_FSPlot of a set of membership functions
slifis_plot::PLOT_FUZZYRoot pure virtual class for PLOT_FS and PLOT_MF. Is NOT designed to be used by library end users,
slifis_plot::PLOT_HSCALEStruct used for transmitting horizontal scale of a plot, see PLOT_FUZZY::SetScale() and PLOT_FUZZY::GetScale()
slifis_plot::PLOT_MARGINSMargins of a plot, expressed in pixels
slifis_plot::PLOT_MFPlot of a membership function (see slifis::MEMBFUNC)
slifis_plot::PLOT_RBThis is a pure virtual root class for the 2 type of plots for a rule base : PLOT_RB_2D and PLOT_RB_TEXT It holds common attributes (GRID)
slifis_plot::PLOT_RB_2DA plot of a 2-dimensional rule base, relevant ONLY for a FIS with 2 inputs
slifis_plot::PLOT_RB_TEXTA plot of a rule base shown as a table: each rule is shown as a line of text, (table-view)
slifis_plot::POSITION_INFOHolds information about what is at given position (row, col) of the plot. Also used for selection
slifis::RB_TABLEA rule base of 2 inputs, represented as a table (computed only when needed). Private class, do not use in your code!
slifis::RBB_PARAMSHolds parameters for rule base building from data, see Learning rules from data
slifis::ROOT_RULERoot virtual class for rule, inherited into RULE and RULE_IDX
slifis::RULERule defined as linguistic terms, see Handling rules for usage
slifis::RULE_BASERule base, expressed as a vector of RULE_IDX
slifis::RULE_IDXRule defined as array of indexes on input and output sets of membership functions
slifis::SLIFISThis is the main class of the library, holds everything is required for a Fis
slifis::VALUEAbstract data type used in class DATA_POINT, see inherited classes VALUE_NUM and VALUE_STRING
slifis::VALUE_NUMNumerical value, used in class DATA_POINT
slifis::VALUE_STRINGString value, used in class DATA_POINT
slifis::VALUE_STRING_INDEXString value stored as an index in DATA_SET, used in class DATA_POINT