A fuzzy logic C++ library
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datafile_info.cpp File Reference

implementation of slifis::DATAFILE_INFO More...

#include "datafile_info.hpp"
#include <algorithm>
#include "helper_functions.hpp"
#include "slifis_datatypes.hpp"
#include "error_handler.hpp"
#include "private.hpp"
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namespace  slifis

This namespace includes all root classes, functions, and datatypes of the library.


char slifis::GetChar_FieldType (EN_DATA_FIELD_TYPE type)
 Returns a significant character, showing the type of the data field (attribute)
const char * slifis::GetString (EN_DF_TYPE type)
 Returns a string giving in plain text the FIS type.

Detailed Description

implementation of slifis::DATAFILE_INFO