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plot_rb_2d.hpp File Reference

Declaration of class slifis_plot::PLOT_RB_2D. More...

#include "plot_rb.hpp"
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class  slifis_plot::PLOT_RB_2D
 A plot of a 2-dimensional rule base, relevant ONLY for a FIS with 2 inputs. More...


namespace  slifis_plot

This namespace includes both the set of interface functions to the backend graphical library and the plot classes, see Slifis Graphical API for plotting.


void slifis_plot::GetFiringStrengthVector (const FUZZY_IN &fin, std::vector< size_t > &temp_i, std::vector< double > &temp_fs)
 Helper function for computing fire strength lines on plot.

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Declaration of class slifis_plot::PLOT_RB_2D.