A fuzzy logic C++ library
Todo low priority list
File data_set.hpp
Idea: write a ARFF to CSV file converter. ref: See this CSV to ARFF converter: http://slavnik.fe.uni-lj.si/markot/
Page Density information
Reformat this page
Member slifis::DATA_SET::GetNbInputFields () const
What should happen here if there is no data loaded ?
Member slifis::GNUPLOT_FILE::GNUPLOT_FILE (std::string name, size_t w=640, size_t h=480)
rewrite this to make it more generic
Member slifis::NUM_TYPE
Where is that used ? Maybe forget about it and replace with double...
Class slifis::RB_TABLE
Maybe this class should be moved to GAPI: it doesn't seem to be useful in main lib.
Member slifis::RULE_IDX::ComputeTSError (const DATA_SET &subset, ESTIM_ERROR &error)
Check what happens when data set has string fields (with an associated description)
Member slifis::SLIFIS::Generate3DPlot (INPUT_RANGE &r0, INPUT_RANGE &r1, std::string filename)
Move all the static gnuplot commands to a template file, for easier customisation
Member slifis::SLIFIS::GenerateHistogramFile () const
Replace hard-coded gnuplot commands by a text file included from here. This will enable easier customization without rebuilding library.
Member slifis::SLIFIS::SetInputValues (const DATA_POINT &dpt, const DATA_DESCR &dd)
check this
Member slifis_plot::PLOT::Save (const std::string &filename)
Find a way to call automatically the Draw() function if needed