A fuzzy logic C++ library
generate-doc-plots.cpp File Reference

Generates the plots included in the doc. More...

#include "app_common.hpp"
#include "slifis_gapi.hpp"
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static void SavePlot (slifis_plot::PLOT &plot, std::string pre, std::string post)
int main ()

Detailed Description

Generates the plots included in the doc.

Files are saved in folder 'image/gen', but are also copied by makefile into html/img, so html documentation holds all the images. However, they need to be kept also in 'image/gen', because this is where pdf/latex version of documentation will pick them up.

This trick assumes the program is executed from the 'bin' folder.

Function Documentation

void SavePlot ( slifis_plot::PLOT plot,
std::string  pre,
std::string  post 
) [static]
int main ( )