A fuzzy logic C++ library
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membfunc.hpp File Reference

Declaration of class slifis::MEMBFUNC. More...

#include "fpoint.hpp"
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class  slifis::MEMBFUNC
 A membership function, defined as a vector of points. More...


namespace  slifis

This namespace includes all root classes, functions, and datatypes of the library.


enum  slifis::EN_MF_TYPE {
  slifis::MF_EMPTY = 0, slifis::MF_HL, slifis::MF_LH, slifis::MF_LL,
  slifis::MF_TRI, slifis::MF_GAUSS
 Type of input membership function, only 4 allowed at present. More...

Detailed Description

Declaration of class slifis::MEMBFUNC.