A fuzzy logic C++ library
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file  app_common.hpp

Common declarations for demos and applications, not exported into user apps.

file  data_descr.hpp

holds declaration of slifis::DATA_DESCR

file  data_point.hpp

holds declaration of slifis::VALUE_STRING slifis::VALUE_NUM slifis::VALUE slifis::DATA_POINT

file  data_set.hpp

holds declaration of slifis::DATA_SET

file  datafile_info.hpp

Holds declaration of slifis::DATAFILE_INFO and some related enums.

file  dataset_properties.hpp

holds declaration of slifis::DATASET_PROPERTIES

file  debug.h

This file contains some common stuff for the library.

file  error_handler.hpp
file  fpoint.hpp
file  fuzzy_in.hpp

Declaration of class slifis::FUZZY_IN.

file  fuzzy_out.hpp

Declaration of class slifis::FUZZY_OUT.

file  fuzzy_root.hpp

Declaration of class slifis::FUZZY_ROOT.

file  fuzzytype.hpp

Defines the slifis::FUZZYVAL class, along with other stuff.

file  global_functions.hpp

Header file for public fuzzy merging functions.

file  gnuplot_file.hpp
file  helper_functions.hpp

Holds declarations of some small utility functions.

file  input_range.hpp

declaration of slifis::INPUT_RANGE

file  input_sets.hpp

implementation of class slifis::INPUT_SETS

file  membfunc.hpp

Declaration of class slifis::MEMBFUNC.

file  rb_table.hpp
file  root_rule.hpp

Declaration of class slifis::ROOT_RULE.

file  rule.hpp

declaration of class slifis::RULE

file  rule_base.hpp

Declaration of class slifis::RULE_BASE.

file  rule_idx.hpp

declaration of class slifis::RULE_IDX

file  slifis.hpp

Main include file, also holds declaration of class SLIFIS.

file  slifis_datatypes.hpp

Datatypes and other common stuff.