A fuzzy logic C++ library
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rule_idx.hpp File Reference

declaration of class slifis::RULE_IDX More...

#include <map>
#include "rule.hpp"
#include "input_sets.hpp"
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struct  slifis::ESTIM_ERROR
 A structure holding numerical values on errors when estimating TS coefficients from a subset. More...
class  slifis::RULE_IDX
 Rule defined as array of indexes on input and output sets of membership functions. More...


namespace  slifis

This namespace includes all root classes, functions, and datatypes of the library.


typedef uchar slifis::RULE_NBFUNC_SIZE
 Datatype for the indexes of membership functions, possibles values are uchar, uint, ...
typedef uchar slifis::RULE_NBVAR_SIZE
 Datatype for the indexes of input/output variables, possibles values are uchar, uint, ...
typedef std::map
 This is an alias for an STL map container, that holds pairs of indexes, one on the input variable, one on the membership function.

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declaration of class slifis::RULE_IDX