A fuzzy logic C++ library
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fuzzy_root.hpp File Reference

Declaration of class slifis::FUZZY_ROOT. More...

#include "membfunc.hpp"
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class  slifis::FUZZY_ROOT
 Virtual class, designed to be inherited into FUZZY_IN and FUZZY_OUT. More...


namespace  slifis

This namespace includes all root classes, functions, and datatypes of the library.


enum  slifis::EN_FUNCSPACING {
  slifis::FS_LIN = 0, slifis::FS_LOG, slifis::FS_LOGREV, slifis::FS_GAUSS,
 Used for defining the spacing of function built automatically using a min and max value. More...

Detailed Description

Declaration of class slifis::FUZZY_ROOT.