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rule_idx.cpp File Reference

Implementation of class slifis::RULE_IDX. More...

#include "rule_idx.hpp"
#include "data_set.hpp"
#include "error_handler.hpp"
#include "rule_base.hpp"
#include "helper_functions.hpp"
#include "private.hpp"
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namespace  slifis

This namespace includes all root classes, functions, and datatypes of the library.


bool slifis::rule2_cmp2 (const RULE_IDX &a, const RULE_IDX &b)
 Alternate comparison function, sorts rule by considering first output function index, and second the rule terms, as defined by slifis::RULE_IDX::operator<()
bool slifis::PremisesAreEqual (const RULE_IDX &r1, const RULE_IDX &r2)
 Returns true id the antecedent part of rules are equal.
void slifis::PrintDifferences (FILE *f, const RULE_IDX &r1, const RULE_IDX &r2)
 Prints in f the differences between the two rules.
 Overloading of operator <<.

Detailed Description

Implementation of class slifis::RULE_IDX.