A fuzzy logic C++ library
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membfunc.cpp File Reference

Implementation of class slifis::MEMBFUNC. More...

#include "membfunc.hpp"
#include <algorithm>
#include "pline.hpp"
#include "slifis_datatypes.hpp"
#include "global_functions.hpp"
#include "error_handler.hpp"
#include "private.hpp"
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namespace  slifis

This namespace includes all root classes, functions, and datatypes of the library.


#define GAUSS_FUNC(x)   (exp(-(((x)-x0)*((x)-x0))/(2.0*sigma*sigma) ) )
 a local macro for a Gaussian function

Detailed Description

Implementation of class slifis::MEMBFUNC.

We need to include here the header file of the pline lib, which is used for lines computation

Define Documentation

#define GAUSS_FUNC (   x)    (exp(-(((x)-x0)*((x)-x0))/(2.0*sigma*sigma) ) )

a local macro for a Gaussian function

Referenced by slifis::MEMBFUNC::P_SetGaussian().