A fuzzy logic C++ library
Users guide

This is a short users guide for the Slifis library.

It assumes you have basic knowledge about fuzzy logic. If not, see References.


This C++ library uses classical object-oriented design: it is made of several classes, along with some global functions that can process objects created using the classes (see global_functions.hpp). Everything is inside the slifis namespace, so be sure to add the following at the beginning of your program (see examples):

#include "slifis.hpp"
using namespace slifis;

A FIS can be considered as a box computing a crisp value given several input values.

See the following pages:

  1. Basic data types
  2. Membership Functions
  3. Sets of membership functions
  4. Handling rules
  5. Learning rules from data
  6. FIS usage and Defuzzification
  7. Density information
  8. File Storage
  9. Dataset handling
  10. Robustness and error handling
  11. Miscellaneous information